Trey Smith Software

The New York Times calls the I phone App store as the Coming Gold Rush.

Trey Smith Software is currently being launched as part of this process

Trey Smith looked to transform his interest of video gaming directly into building iphone apps even though he is not a game developer or fancy pants programmer.

However, Trey is a successful online marketer …

Therefore, Trey utilized his marketing expertise to find a programmer to build an awesome iphone app.

In a couple of months, Trey released Kolo’s Journey to the marketplace which is receiving excellent ratings from the app store and is going to be highly profitable within 2 weeks of launching it.

Trey Smith has now set a goal to create 12 brand-new software apps over the next year and he’s now explaining to you how he’s going to do it. All you have to do is go to –

Trey Smith Software