How much is the #1 spot in Google Really Worth?

I’ve seen a huge increase in traffic from gaining the #1 spot in Google for several of my top keywords – not for this site. This site is just a place for me to rant, vent, and dish out some of the stuff that’s worked for me over time.

But some of the other markets I’m doing business in – and I started asking myself what every marketer at some point ponders – just how much is the #1 spot in Google really worth and more importantly – will it make a difference on ROI.

So.. I found a study that indicated that the # 1 spot gets approximately 34% of the search traffic.
And talk about a drop – get this – the #2 spot gets 16%

You can read the entire study here at Search Engine Watch

I recommend you check it out.

But here’s something else to think about – how many of the clicks for positions 2-10 initially clicked on the #1 spot?

Welcome to the Dark Side…

I want to personally welcome you to the dark side of internet marketing….

I say that because my goal is to give you the truth, you know – the dirt on making money with your own online business.

I promise I’m going to skip the bull shit and give you cutting edge, timely tips where you can come here, acquire the knowledge then apply it immediately to your business.

Got a tip or a product you’d like me to review, then hit me up on the contact page as long as it doesn’t suck.

In the meantime, you’re invited to come along for the ride.  I promise it’s not always going to be pretty, but it will be a fun and most importantly profitable ride – You’ll see.

Lastly – remember, this is my f’n house – so I make all the rules…  If you don’t like it – then get lost!

More to come as time permits…

Andrew Brady