How much is the #1 spot in Google Really Worth?

I’ve seen a huge increase in traffic from gaining the #1 spot in Google for several of my top keywords – not for this site. This site is just a place for me to rant, vent, and dish out some of the stuff that’s worked for me over time.

But some of the other markets I’m doing business in – and I started asking myself what every marketer at some point ponders – just how much is the #1 spot in Google really worth and more importantly – will it make a difference on ROI.

So.. I found a study that indicated that the # 1 spot gets approximately 34% of the search traffic.
And talk about a drop – get this – the #2 spot gets 16%

You can read the entire study here at Search Engine Watch

I recommend you check it out.

But here’s something else to think about – how many of the clicks for positions 2-10 initially clicked on the #1 spot?